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Ski & Snowboard Tune Up Services

Virgin Islands Ski Rental Offers Overnight Tuning & Ski Waxing in Silverthorne, CO

At Virgin Islands Ski Rental, we know that having the right equipment is key to having a great day on the slopes. That’s why we offer a range of equipment tuning services to help ensure that your snowboard or skis are in top condition, including snowboard care and snowboard repair. From basic waxing and edge sharpening to more advanced services, our experts have you covered. Stop by our shop in Silverthorne, CO today and let us help you get your equipment ready for your next adventure on the mountain!

What is a Tune-Up & Why Do I Need One

When sliding down the snowy slopes, the shape, sharpness, and slipperiness of your skis or snowboard play an important role. A tune-up for skis or snowboards includes cleaning, sharpening the edges, grinding the base, and applying wax to provide you with the ultimate glide every time you head down the mountain. This counteracts the wear and tear that your gear takes on hard snow, rough snow, and uneven frozen ground. If you’ve ever wondered why a pair of skis or a snowboard doesn’t work as well as they used to – if you drift to one side or can’t achieve your best speeds – you’re probably in need of a tune-up right now, which includes essential snowboard care and timely snowboard repair.

When to Service Your Gear

It’s a good idea to get your gear serviced either before or after every holiday. Each run wears down your skis or snowboard, and you want to be in top condition when you next hit the slopes. If you are on a long ski or snowboard trip, have your gear tuned up once a week.

How Do I Know When My Gear Needs Wax or Tuning

  • You can see damage or unevenness on the edges or base
  • You can identify cuts or scrapes
  • You detect rust buildup
  • Your finish looks flaky
  • The base is too dry
  • The texture feels rough
  • Your binding has to give

Ski & Snowboard Tune-Up Pricing in Colorado

There are four levels of ski and snowboard tune-ups available to choose from. Each provides a different level of attention and adjustment so you can get back on the slopes as quickly as possible.

Full Tune

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Sharpen & Wax

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Stone & Wax

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Hot Wax

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Why Choose Virgin Islands Ski Rental for Ski & Snowboard Tune-Ups

At Virgin Islands Ski Rental, we do more than rent gear; we know everything about it. We will take just as good care of your gear during a tune-up and waxing as we do with the gear we maintain for rental. Our experts know what they are doing.

Dedicated Staff

Our dedicated ski & snowboard staff know everything there is to know about grinding, sharpening, and waxing winter sports equipment for optimal performance. In fact, our dedicated staff can even tailor your tune-up for the types of slopes you plan to take on.

Fast Turnaround

Virgin Islands ski & snowboard tune-ups are done overnight so that you can pick your gear up in the morning before you hit the slopes. Our fast turnaround promises to make the best use of your vacation time up the mountain.

Virgin Islands Ski Rental Offers Overnight Tuning & Ski Waxing in Silverthorne, CO

At Virgin Islands Ski Rental, our overnight tuning & waxing services are available in Silverthorne, CO, and several other locations. If you book your ski or snowboard tuning service online, we’ll even grant you a 10% discount for the whole thing. Contact us today to book a tune-up or rent your equipment with the Virgin Islands Ski Rental. We’re here to make your ride down the mountain feel like magic.

Island Perks

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  • Free Unlimited Exchanges

    If you’re not happy with your equipment, we’re not happy. If that snowboard isn’t doing it for you, come back in and we’ll find you a better fit. If Summit County or Base Mountain Sports just had an epic storm, come back in and try out a big powder ski.

  • More Winter Sports

    Virgin Islands has more than just skis and boards. Check out our selection of snow blades and winter apparel. Come by and see what we have in store!

  • Long Hours

    We stay open late so that you can pick up or drop off your equipment whenever it is most convenient for you. Our shop is open from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm.

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