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What Skis Are Right For Me? Beginner & Intermediate

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Updated: March 25, 2024

When planning a ski trip in Colorado, picking the right skis is essential to having an enjoyable experience. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate skier, you’ll want to make the most informed decision as you prepare to ski. That is why we have compiled this essential information, including frequently asked questions about skis, that can help you make the right decision for you.

Ski Rentals Based on Ski Level

When buying or renting skis for beginners to intermediate, it is important to consider your skill level. Your skiing ability directly impacts the type of skis you should wear, as more advanced skiers have more knowledge and can go at faster speeds with less support, while beginners tend to go slower and require more support as they start out. Here is a comprehensive guide on ski types based on skill and ability.

Beginner Skis

Beginner skiers are first-time learners, and the primary focus at this level is learning basic control. Typically, beginners will use shorter skis than expert skiers use.

Beginner skis tend to be light and firm. Many beginners ski at a lower speed, but with practice and time, they can improve their abilities and skiing confidence. The skis beginners wear should be comfortable and trustworthy – this will ensure that your experience is as fun and relaxed as possible.

Beginner skis prioritize learning basic skills such as balance, carved and parallel turns, speed control, and stance. It would be best to avoid more advanced skis as a beginner, as they come with a lot of speed, weight transfer, and pressure, which is not ideal when just starting out.

Intermediate Skis

If you are an intermediate skier, it is important to be aware of the different rankings that come with intermediate skiing. It is essential to explore all the options before choosing the right skis. 

Generally, intermediate skis vibrate less at a higher speed and create stability underfoot. Using intermediate skis will be challenging if you are a beginner, but an intermediate skier will benefit from this stiff, predictable, and more stable ski.

Skis for Beginners to Intermediate: Things to Consider

When exploring beginner and intermediate skis, it is imperative to narrow down your options and find the most suitable ski for your level. Below are some elements to consider.

Ski Waist Width

Ski design begins with the waist. If you are a beginner, you can go for skis with waists that are shorter edge-to-edge because they are easier to maneuver.

The waist width of your skis is mostly determined by your skiing terrain. If you are skiing in more powder-like snow conditions, aim for skis with a wider waist width. On the other hand, if there is less powder and more hard-packed snow, go with a narrower waist width.

Tail Profile

The shape of a ski is built around the tip and tail width, which can greatly impact how the ski reacts. In most cases, the tail profile changes how the ski exits a turn. 

  • A twin-tailed shape enables the skier to take off and land backward. The skier will do this while jumping. The twin tip helps a skier exit a turn faster, especially on bumps. 
  • Flared tail shapes are narrow, versatile, moderately turned up, and slightly tapered skis. They have a grip at the end of the skier’s turn. Flared tail shapes release the ski with minimal effort.
  • A flat tail gives more control on firm snow, suitable for aggressive race skiers. A flat tail gives skiers power until they choose to exit the turn. Skiers will need more effort to exit. 

Ski Stiffness & Flex Pattern

The flex of your skis refers to the level of resistance and stiffness of your skis – the less flex on your skis, the more resistance and rigidity you will have. Your aggressiveness, weight, and your skiing conditions will determine the flex of your skis.

Softer, less rigid skis are suitable for beginners, children, and mellow intermediates. On the other hand, skiers who choose medium flex skis should be able to ski at various speeds. Stiff skis are for people who move at high speeds and are the most aggressive skiers. 

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